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Games you can enjoy the Minecraft servers

Best Minecraft servers are ideal for playing your favorite game modes on Minecraft. If you want to play the game on players available online, you should use the Minecraft servers. in this way, you get access to a lot of games like adventure, creative, Economy, Faction, Parkour, Skyblock, and much more.

If you want to have fun with other players and are willing to enjoy these games, you can join the Snapcraft server. it is one of the best Minecraft servers on the list where you can play a game of choice. The amazing cloud network and Minecraft server help you build, create and participate in various events. Moreover, you find a lot of game modes here. Before you get to know which games you can enjoy, first learn about the steps to follow to become part of this incredible server.

Steps to join the server

  • To join the server, launch the Minecraft game on your computer.
  • Click on play to get the option of Multiplayers
  • Click on it and then tap on “Add server.”
  • Now add the IP Adress
  • Finish

You will be a part of the server and get access to various game modes.

Popular game modes on Snapcraft

When you get access to this best Minecraft server, you will play the following favorite game modes.


Skyblock is one of the ideal  Minecraft server games that help you kill spare time. It is an open-world survival map. The game starts at the tiny island built in the sky.  Here you will find different items, materials, and blocks. These are available throughout the game. The main aim is to explore the Nether, move toward the End portal, and defeat the Ender dragon with the help of resources throughout the island. In this, you will also buy skins, items, and materials to chase the target.


One of the most popular game modes of the best Minecraft server is Bedware, it is getting popular because of the game theme. The purpose is to defeat the beds of others and prevent the own bed of the player. You can play this game on Snapcraft and other Minecraft servers.


Creative mode is one of the famous game modes available on this server. In this game, people create and destroy structures. Thus, the mechanism includes the use of infinite use of blocks and flying. When you craft it change the background music? There is no health or hunger to hamper the building as they are invincible. The game is full of fans, thrill, and entertainment.


Like other best Minecraft servers, Snapcraft also supports faction. There are custom features available, and players can build and collect items for Minecraft; it offers a wonderful gameplay experience and helps kill spare time in the best way.


Dungeons are small rooms made of cobblestones. Snapcraft supports the game. In the game, you will get the mob spawner and 2 chests. You can find a dungeon with a chest or spawner. Without it, you will not find the dangers. Thus, games need attention and a wonderful option to spend your free time.

Final Verdict

Snapcraft server is the Us based fast connecting server that supports a variety of games. If you like to play the game online with other players, you can choose this best Minecraft server with confidence and have fun playing your favorite games.



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