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Mobile Legends Lesley: Best Gameplay Tips

Lesley is the Queen of Crit Damage in Mobile Legends, and she can wipe out an entire enemy team with her abilities. As everyone knows, We all know snipers are the most lethal on the battlefield, and Lesley is an MM (sniper) in the Land of Dawn who loves to sing a beautiful song before winning a fight. 

If you’re a solo player or just want to quickly rank up, Lesley is the hero for you. She can kill any enemy ADR (squishy heroes such as MM/Mage) with just two shots due to her massive critical damage. Harley is Lesley’s brother, in case you didn’t know.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we’re telling you this. Don’t worry, we will clear these doubts very soon.  In this guide, we’ll look at these hero skills, emblems, and items that should be banned, as well as some tips and tricks for playing Lesley build in Mobile Legends.

We’ve already covered how to play with heroes like Ling, Pharsa, Wanwan, Hayabusa, Carmilla, Atlas, Yu Zhong, Luo Yi, Aurora, Freya, Khaleed, Khufra, and X.Borg in Mobile Legends. As a result, make sure to look over these hero guides as well. Let’s concentrate on Lesley for the time being.

Mobile Legends Lesley Gameplay-  Best Tips

Early Game

Before going to the lane, use Tank’s help to get the red buff. For Lesley, the red buff is crucial. If the enemy team invades your jungle, don’t try to take it alone. You’ll be their first blood. If you can’t take it anymore, simply reset the red buff. Remember that if you missed the buff during this time, you also missed two waves of minions, putting you in a gold deficit (to prevent this spam s1 for higher crit damage). Now use your activated passive to hit the creeps. Your gold ratio will improve as a result of the last hit. To keep your energy bar full, always perform basic attacks.

During this time, keep an eye on the minimap; if the mid lane is empty or your ally reports an enemy missing, don’t play aggressively. We should be the one harassing the one enemy hero in mid lane as much as possible. Make sure you don’t lose your bot outer turret (we came here to destroy the enemy’s bot turret). Look for your passive indicator; when it appears, do basic attack first before using skill 1, then basic attack, skill1/skill2(if necessary), and basic attack again. In the late game, you’ll see how it affects an enemy. After a successful gank, take the first turtle.

Mid Game

Focus on farming in the mid-game (this is the time to use your jungle blade’s passive). After destroying the bot tower, try switching lanes with your offlaner. Don’t get caught in CC if you think you can’t fight back because Lesley doesn’t just start a fight.

You must farm as much as possible under a bush, rather than exposing yourself to the enemy. Always support your fellow players, and meanwhile, your triple critical (spraying the first skill after each basic attack) is ready to vanish enemy carries. Make good use of your flicker. In mid-phase ganking, try to save your skill 1 because it’s a great escape tool.

Late Game

It’s a difficult phase for mm like Lesley in the late game. To kill enemies, she will use her special skill sets. When your team initiates a fight, hide in the bush like an assassin or hide behind a tank like any other MM, and hit the enemy with this.



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