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So, what happens when you mix sticky buns weed? You get the most delicious smelling breakfast treat in the world! Okay, so maybe I’m biased but I truly believe this to be true. Someone said it smells like brownies, someone said like a coffee shop, and one of my friends swore that it smelled just like her dog’s butt. All of these are possible.

Section: sticky buns weed genetics

Sticky buns weed genetics are created by and cross bred by one of the best stoner growers in the world, Phylos Bioscience. Sticky buns weed genetics climbed the charts after they were released to the general public.

Section: sticky buns weed look and taste

Learning how to make sticky buns weed is a great idea if you are planning to entertain. Having a wide variety of tasty food and desserts available will make your guests feel special. Also, preparing the dessert yourself will show that you appreciate them coming to your home, which they will appreciate. There are several recipes out there, but the basic ingredients you will probably already have in the kitchen; flour, sugar, butter, eggs and cinnamon.

Section: sticky buns weed THC and CBD

A sticky topic is, ‘how much THC and CBD are actually in your weed?’ The truth is, you really don’t know. Weed sold in dispensaries is tested but the process of testing is not regulated. They don’t have to report the THC or CBD content that they are selling to you. In general, 1 gram should contain roughly 15mgs of CBD and 30mgs of THC. This sounds like a lot right? Really you should take this with a grain of salt as it varies depending on the strain and quality.

Section: sticky buns weed flowering time

Sticky buns weed is a interesting plant, it flowers in different seasons. Cannabis flowering time varies a lot depending on light, climate and the growing medium. It also depends of course on the genes of the plant itself. There are also plenty of other variables that can affect the flowering time of your sticky buns weed : from your storing method to the amount of nutrients it gets but we won’t talk about all this now. We’ll go into more detail about this another time.

Takeaway: All of your questions about sticky buns weed, answered.

Sticky buns weed is an often-confused strain with copious amounts of information spread across the internet. With so much variety in essence and name, it becomes hard to distinguish what’s true and what isn’t. This guide will help answer your sticky buns weed questions such as: “What are the effects?” “What can you expect?” “Is it a good strain for beginners?”.

There’s no better way to reflect on the past year than with a freshly baked batch of sticky buns topped with a layer of frosting, courtesy of some special ingredients from your favorite dispensary.



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