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Why do players prefer OP blocks Network and lemon cloud server for playing Minecraft?

Minecraft Survival Servers:

Many users play Minecraft for time passing whereas many earn money by playing this long game time and uploading the method of playing on social media like YouTube. Minecraft survival servers are pretty similar to Minecraft’s one of the most famous models that are, Default Minecraft Mode. Many servers are very close to this mode, plus some modify the game with the addition of many features like shop, in-game economy, etc. there is another mode that is PvP. You can play this only by enabling it so that you can fight with each other but only in certain areas.

Now let’s have a look at the difference between OP Block and Sky Block for a better understanding of the game Minecraft Survival Server.

OP Blocks Network:

This feature of the game, Minecraft, is the best one with high-quality Minecraft prison. So, if you want to find the IP address of the OP Block and other features, then cast a glance below for further information.

Server IP Address for the network OP Block:

It is very necessary to know the IP address first because you can only play the game by knowing this. If you do not get this address from anywhere or have forgotten, you should read it carefully because the IP address is being given. And that is,

How to connect this server?

Firstly, open the option Launcher, where you will have to click the Play button. Then, move forward to select the option Multiplayer from your game menu.

Now follow the next step in which you will have to click on Add Server tab and input the given IP Address on the specific box of Server Address; lastly, hit the button Done.

Once you know that your connection is ready to turn green, you may click on the button Join Server to join the OP Block Network.

The version that OP Block Network supports:

There has become the latest version in the Minecraft Survival Server for all the users who have a keen interest in playing this game. And the version is 1.18. but you can also play on the older or lower versions if you are not much experienced in this game.

Best game modes to play on OP Block Network:

You can enjoy your game by playing in the given modes.

● Prison.
● Sky block.
● Parkour.

Sky Block Mode:

Every server has its own features that give the best amusement ever in your life for getting the best experience of playing Minecraft. Sky Block is one of the main modes in the Minecraft Survival Server. It features unique and amazing content with friendly staff, community, and the world’s no. 1 players as you can consider yourself.

IP Address for Sky Block:

The Sky Block also contains the IP Address through which you can get connected to the best server to play and enjoy Minecraft. So, follow this address of this mode and have fun. That address is

The version of the mode Sky Block:

Since many gamers are playing Minecraft, they earn money by uploading their skills on social media via videos. Plus, they want new versions for upgrading their rates in the game. Therefore, the latest version, 1.17.1, has been launched for all users. But if you are not interested in playing Minecraft Survival Server, then older or lower versions are also available on this mode for your amusement.



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