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Why should You play on the Terrarealm Minecraft server?

In Minecraft Bedwars Servers, you spawn on an island with your friends, and you have to defend your bed from the enemy’s attack. If the opponent’s team somehow destroys your bed, you will not be able to respawn and play, and ultimately you lose the game. It comes with different built-in modes with custom skins. It is a very fun and strategic game mode in Minecraft to play with your friends and build an online community.

But there are loads of Bedwars servers out there, so it might be hard for you to choose which server to play on. Well, if you are wondering, we have a great suggestion for you. Terrarealm Bedwars Server is the fastest-growing server on the platform. It has over 50 active players at any given time and has an uptime of 100%, which means it is always online.


By joining Terrarealm Minecraft Server, you get the best and the latest PvP game modes, whether it’s BedWars, Survival, Creative, Prison, SkyBlock, Hardcore, and so many more. It is a quality and community-focused server with some amazing custom-made plugins that are highly configured for the best experience. Terrarealm Bedwars Servers are based in the United Kingdom; it has zero to no latency and lag for the best online experience you can have. It runs the best on Minecraft version 1.18, but the devices with older versions installed on them are also supported. You can unleash your creative skills in this game mode for free.

This will be a straightforward guide to how you can play on this server for free, so let us jump right in without wasting any time.

How can you play on the Terrarealm Minecraft Server?

To join the Terrarealm Minecraft Server, all you’ve got to do is to follow the following steps, and you will be good to go:

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher and hit the “Play” button.
  • Then click on the “Multiplayer” button.
  • Now click the “Add Server” tab and enter the IP address for the Terrarealm Bedwars Server.
  • The IP address for the server is “”
  • Hit enter; once your connection is stable and shows a green light, just click on the “Join Server” button.
  • Now, the last thing you have to do is to create a login username and set a password for security purposes, and you will log in each time with your saved credentials.

Congratulations, you now have joined the Terrarealm Bedwars Server, and you can play it right away for absolutely free.

Rules to follow:

Since it is a pretty massive community, to be a part of it in the long run you have to follow some rules and regulations.

  • Be respectful to everyone.
  • Don’t bully anyone.
  • Respect each other’s opinions.
  • No racist or sexist jokes of any kind.
  • Report any uncertainty to the server’s mods and wait for them to take a step.

Simply just be yourself and have fun with your friends.



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